Local Place List For Romania, Page 9

Local place list for Romania, page 9. Total 109478 establishment found in Romania. 321-360

Ostraw Vegan Bakery București


Evocasa Selecta, Bulevardul Ferdinand I 58, București 021393, Romania

Gabi S.: ★★★★☆

Pain Plaisir București


Strada Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea 170, București, Romania

Alecs R.: ★★★★★ best bread and paistry shop in Bucharest by far

Bread & Spices București


intersectie cu Str. Zagazului, Șoseaua Pipera 4, București 077190, Romania

Otilia V.: ★★★☆☆ Good place for a breakfast and a coffee. However their bread from the sandwiches was kind of stale, and too much for only a few ingredients. The place has a nice design and a lovely terrace

Brutărești București


Strada Constantin Rădulescu-Motru 16, București, Romania

Iosif R.: ★★★★☆ Nice small in-house bakery, definitely recommended

Vel Pitar București


Strada Emil Racoviță 3-5, București 041756, Romania

Liviu Mihai S.: ★★★★★

Tip Top București


Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu, București, Romania


Cuptorul Brâncovenesc București


Strada Dristorului 87, București, Romania


Ana Pan București


Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 5, București 020337, Romania

Mihai B.: ★★★★☆ Very good veggie wraps and pastries. Very friendly staff and a chill out atmosphere.

Brot Manufactur București


Strada Nicolae G. Caramfil 30, București 077190, Romania

Robert M.: ★★★★★

Mara Mura București


Strada Benjamin Franklin 5, București 030167, Romania

Iulian P.: ★★★★★ Best "dolce" in Romania. It reminds me of Dolce of Nona Vicenta from Roma! Beautiful concept, amazing dessert, just love it. The chocolate meringue cake is amazing. Loved it!

Brutaria Grivita București


Strada Almaș, București, Romania

Stefan V.: ★★★★★

Emre Baklava București


Bulevardul General Gheorghe Magheru 20, București 030167, Romania

Mircea M.: ★★★★★

Paul București


AFI Palace Cotroceni, Bulevardul General Vasile Milea 4, București 061344, Romania


French Revolution București


Strada Constantin Esarcu 1, București 030167, Romania

Alexander O.: ★★★★★ Best ecler in town!

Rue Du Pain - Boulangerie Artisanale București


Calea Floreasca 111-113, București 01455, Romania

Stefan M.: ★★★★★ You really feel like you're entering one of those french boulangeries. Great bread. Cool place to have your breakfast. I like getting a table outside, on the walkway.

Ana Baking Co. București


Calea Dorobanți 134, București 010563, Romania

Adriana P.: ★★★★★ Great venue for a coffee, brunch and very fresh sweets.

Fornetti București


Bulevardul Nicolae Grigorescu 31A, București, Romania

Matei-Alexandru N.: ★★★★★

Fornetti București


Bulevardul Constantin Brâncoveanu 4, București, Romania

Diana-Maria G.: ★☆☆☆☆

Fornetti București


Bulevardul Unirii 27, București 040103, Romania

محمود ك.: ★★★★★ soper

French Revolution București


Strada Banul Antonache 51, București, Romania

Alexandru M.: ★★★★★

My Maia București


Strada Albac 21, București, Romania

Mihai D.: ★★★★★

Koksal București


Calea Vitan 224, București, Romania


Grace Couture Cakes București


Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu 5-7, București 077190, Romania

Iulia E.: ★★★★★

Playbake București


Strada Maria Rosetti 28, București 020482, Romania

Ioana B.: ★★★★★

Simigeria Petru București


Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta, București 030167, Romania

Robert P.: ★★★★★

Bacania Companion București


Șoseaua Mihai Bravu 199, București, Romania

Cristi D.: ★★★★★ Excellent bread, this is what I usually buy from here. Pricey.

House Of Cookies București


Bulevardul Banu Manta nr 6, București 011221, Romania

Alex P.: ★★★★★

Le Grenier À Pain București


Piața Alba Iulia 8, București, Romania

Catalin M.: ★★★★★ Coffee bread and more

Le Grenier À Pain București


EKA Business Center, Strada Nicolae G. Caramfil 87, București 700000, Romania

Ruxandra M.: ★★★★☆ Desserts are the best. A bit pricey. Worth it, but not everyday

Le Grenier À Pain București


Strada Franceză 38-42, București 030167, Romania

Andrei Catalin P.: ★★★★★

Cofetăria Alice București


Șoseaua Mihai Bravu 123-135, București 021314, Romania

Anca A.: ★★★★★ They have a wide variety of delicious cakes which explains the permanent long queue (causing the traffic jam, as some inconsiderate customers leave their cars in the street). What I like a lot about the place is the great organising they have in terms of cashiers designation, in order to be highly ...

Simigeria Luca București


Bulevardul Unirii, București 030167, Romania

Mckenzie A.: ★★★★☆ I love these Luca places. Great fast food for walkerbys. Try their pizzas and chocolat breads.

Georgi București


Drumul Taberei 18, București 061344, Romania


Maison V Bucharest

Strada Dobrota 16, București, Bucharest 020177, Romania


Grace Couture Cakes At Baneasa Shopping City București

Șoseaua București-Ploiești 42D, București 013696, Romania


Rawyal Brunch & Cakes București


nr, Strada Ardeleni 24, București 020854, Romania

Pereteanu A.: ★★★★★

Zoomserie București


Strada Sfânta Vineri 23, București 030203, Romania

Bogdan E.: ★★★★☆ Nice location and terrace. Pretty good sweets and coffee.

Esfahan București


Șoseaua Ștefan cel Mare 29, București, Romania

Zainab K.: ★★★★★

French Bakery - Victoriei 134 București


Calea Victoriei 134, București 010094, Romania

Dianamary D.: ★★★★★ The serving was really nice. I had a cubano sandwich and a black tea. I enjoyed everything.

French Bakery București


Șoseaua Nordului 28-36, București, Romania

Andrei O.: ★★★★★


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