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Local place list for Italy, page 12. Total 634503 establishment found in Italy. 441-480

Forno Pasticceria Colapicchioni Roma


Via Tacito, 76/78, 00193 Roma, Italy

Cara P.: ★★★★★ This bakery is one of the best in Rome. I studied abroad here and I went to this bakery often. They have amazing homemade pizza, bread, pastries, and so much more. The people who work there are kind, helpful, and always happy to see a familiar face. They helped me get through my study abroad ...

Pompi Tiramisu Roma


Via della Croce, 82, 00187 Roma, Italy

Aziz F.: ★★★★☆ Got recommended to have some tiramisu here and it didn't disappoint me. I had the classic tiramisu and it was very good. Unfortunately they don't accept bank cards so that's why I'm giving it 4 stars.

Ciuri Ciuri Roma


Via Leonina, 18/20, 00184 Roma, Italy

Laura G.: ★★★★☆ Tasty cheap mini cannolis. Easy to dip into, take a break & grab a snack.

Pompi Roma


Via Albalonga, 7, 00183 Roma, Italy

Sunny L.: ★★★★★ Possibly the best tiramisu in Italy but also definitely the best profiteroles I've ever had! Great coffee and good selection of drinks also available

Cornetto Imperiale Roma


Viale Pinturicchio, 4, 00196 Roma, Italy


Il Gianfornaio Roma


Via Marmorata, 159, 00153 Roma, Italy

Javier B.: ★★★☆☆ Nice and quiet place to stop for a coffee.

Cristalli Di Zucchero Roma


Via di Val Tellina, 114, 00151 Roma, Italy

A Google U.: ★★★★★ Simply spectacular!!!!

Panificio Sara Roma


Via Aosta, 35, 00182 Roma, Italy


I Dolci Di Nonna Vincenza סיציליאני Roma


Via dell'Arco del Monte, 98, 00186 Roma, Italy

Βάγγε Λ.: ★☆☆☆☆ Don't waste your time here if you want a real canoli I have been to Sicilia and i know how a good canoli tastes. Anybody that has been to Sicilia knows that a good canoli must be espresso that means made at that moment in other words filled with cream at that moment because otherwise the canoli ...

Pasticceria Valzani Roma


Via del Moro, 37a/b, 00153 Roma, Italy

Me L.: ★★★★☆ I bought two cannolis and they were very good. Haven't tried anything else. The lady who helped me was very nice. Will go again to try other goodies.

Parenti Roma


Via Ottaviano, 33, 00192 Roma, Italy

Matt H.: ★★★★☆ Lovely little patisserie tucked away not far from the Vatican, perfect for breakfast treats!

Vyta Roma


Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185 Roma, Italy

Conor M.: ★★★★☆ Delicious sandwiches and treats, perfect for a posh picnic on the train. Typically stylish Italian decor.

Dolci A Domicilio Roma - Almondart Roma


Via degli Orsini, 26, 00186 Roma, Italy

bakery,meal delivery,food,store,establishment

Cake Si Gira Roma

Piazza Testaccio, 20, 00153 Roma, Italy


Favole Di Pane Roma


Via Tiburtina, 562, 00159 Roma, Italy

Felix R.: ★★★★★ Good breakfast to start the day in Rome.

Forno F.lli Beti Roma


Via del Vascello, 46, 00152 Roma, Italy

Riccardo C.: ★★★★★ Pizza bianca of rare quality

Pasticceria De Bellis Roma


Piazza del Paradiso, 56/57, 00186 Roma, Italy

Windleypoplar W.: ★★★★★ Mouth watering, delicious patisseries. An adventurous chef who loves to see your reaction to his creations. Fantasticly thick hot chocolate. A wonderful discovery for us. Very near Campo dei fiori.

La Fiorentina Roma


Via Andrea Doria, 20-22, 00195 Roma, Italy

Tsvetan T.: ★★★★★ Great coffee and coffee based drinks, delicious bakers and atmosphere.

Panificio Frontoni Alessandro Roma


Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 226 B, 00157 Roma, Italy

Franco S.: ★★★★★ Super

Cannoleria Siciliana Roma


Piazza dei Re di Roma, 10, 00183 Roma, Italy

Ana B.: ★★★★★ The canoli was absolutely delicious! Best capuccino also!

Il Cornettone Roma


Via Oderisi da Gubbio, 215/219, 00146 Roma, Italy


L'angolo Del Fornaio 2 Roma


Via Ercole Bombelli, 46, 00149 Roma, Italy

Thierry M.: ★★★★☆ Great selection of breads and pastries, very friendly staff.

Uovo À Pois Roma


Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 62, 00154 Roma, Italy


Panificio Mosca Roma


Via Candia, 16, 00192 Roma, Italy

Nem B.: ★★★★☆ Good bread.

Bakery’S Pizza Roma


Via Cavour, 206, 00184 Roma, Italy

Ma C.: ★★★☆☆ Nice small place very close to the coliseum, fresh pasta and pizza with fare prices

Farinella Bakery & Coffee Rome


00139 Rome, Italy

Oscar H.: ★★★☆☆ Nice pizzas- quite sloppy though - nothing spectacular

Matrem Roma


Via Enrico Fermi, 16, 00146 Roma, Italy

Micah H.: ★★★★★ Awesome pizza! Many different and unique flavors each day. Pastries are great too!

Lievito Old Bakery Roma


Via Tiburtina, 525, 00157 Roma, Italy


Matrem Bakery M.b. Srl Roma


Viale delle Provincie, 90, 00161 Roma, Italy


Madame Bakery Roma


Via Inzago, 32, 00135 Roma, Italy


Forno Da Milvio Roma


Via dei Serpenti, 7, 00184 Roma, Italy

Nicholas W.: ★★★★★ Great little cafeteria/eatery in the Monti neighborhood of Rome. Great selection of pizza taglio/pizza by the slice. Good prices. Usually 15-18 dollars for two ( we usually ordered a lot). Friendly staff and the owner I am assuming Milvio himself is always there. Not far off Via Cavour. We're ...

Antico Forno Cordella Roma


Piazza Costaguti, 30, 00186 Roma, Italy

David N.: ★★★★★ Great italian pizza.

Manaish Roma


Piazzale Flaminio, 5, 00196 Roma, Italy

Rahul B.: ★★★★★ Great food

Music Bakery Roma

Via Tomba di Nerone, 16, 00189 Roma, Italy


Pianopiano Book Bakery Roma

Via Ugo Ojetti, 79, 00137 Roma, Italy


Bakery&co. Roma


Via Leone IV, 95, 00192 Roma, Italy


Roscioli Roma


Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22, 00186 Roma, Italy

Stephan D.: ★★★★★ What a wonderful experience. From very good and fresh food to the nice people working here. Wish we had such nice restaurants in the Netherlands

Padova Drl Roma

Via Padova, 78, 00161 Roma, Italy


Grano, Frutta E Farina Roma


Via della Croce, 49a, 00187 Roma, Italy

Ehud E.: ★★★★★ Very good pizza , if you around this place - you must try

The Perfect Bun Roma


Largo del Teatro Valle, 4, 00186 Roma, Italy

Ryan B.: ★★★★★ Hands down the best burger bar I've ever ate in. Great atmosphere, lovely design layout and great staff. The food is absolutely sensational. Highly recommended


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