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Bekarei Berlin


Dunckerstraße 23, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Luis C.: ★★★★★ Portuguese bakery with delicious goodies. The Pão de Deus with ham and cheese and coconut on top is absolutely delicious. Coffee was also good. This is a place I'm definitely coming back

Jute Bäckerei Berlin


Schönhauser Allee 52A, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Paul Angelo G.: ★★★★★ Only been there a few times because I live on the opposite side of the city, but each time I go I tell myself to find an apartment next door. Great bread selection?-Check. Friendly staff?-Check. Future Jute in my neighborhood near the Halensee Sbahn?-Please?

Manufacture Délicate Gmbh Berlin


Rykestraße 7, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Domi I.: ★★☆☆☆ Not a fan of their coffee, cheesecake tasted artificial.

Bäckerei Martin Krautzig Berlin


Schönhauser Allee 126, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Sven O.: ★★★★★ Whenever I have guests from abroad and we happen to be in Berlin I take them here. Only few bakeries produce so delicious and traditional Baumkuchen and every time my friends and I come here we spend really good time together. Welcoming and friendly staff. Quality hand made bakery and pastries. ...

Oma Marnies Pie Bakery Berlin


Hiddenseer Str. 13, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Wolfgang B.: ★★★★★ A lovely place! The pies (and brownies) are fantastic (not cheap though). The staff is super nice and friendly. Always a joy to go there and bring a pie home to eat. Can't wait to go there again soon!

Kame Japanese Bakery Berlin


Leibnizstraße 45, 10629 Berlin, Germany

Alina M.: ★★★★★ The place where you come not only for the tasty bakary but also for the nice atmosphere.

Fresh Bäckerei Berlin


Reinhardtstraße 8, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Gavin K.: ★★★★★

Bäckerei & Bistro Berlin


Straßmannstraße 23, 10249 Berlin, Germany

Justin Raymond M.: ★★★★★ Great little bakery with friendly staff.

Soluna Bread And Oil Berlin


Germany, Gneisenaustraße 58, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Jd Mesquita P.: ★★★★★ Lovely little bakery using a wood fired oven and offering a diverse selection of perfect breads. Stop by for the apple slice if nothing else. A bit like an upside down crumble, the bottom is incredibly crispy and caramelised, while the top is moist, a beautiful balance of sweetness and flavour. ...

Koschere Bäckerei Kädtler Berlin


Danziger Str. 135, 10407 Berlin, Germany

Berlinbyheart B.: ★★★★☆ Lovely pastries you can tell that everything is fresh from the oven.

Cafè And Bakery Tuna Berlin


18, Chausseestraße 17, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Veronika H.: ★★★★★ Good, unpretentious and affordable Coffee in this Area

Fröhliche Bäckerei Berlin


Rigaer Str. 56, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Amadeusz A.: ★★★★★ Just like other reviews are saying, it is a great place to get your breakfast. Breakfast sets are good value and selection of rolls, breads, pastries and beverages is pretty big. There seems to be enough tables there even for the more busy days.

Brezel Company Café Neukölln Berlin


Lenaustraße 10, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Moritz M.: ★★★★★ Amazing bread! You can pick all of them and wont regret it!

Brot & Butter Berlin


Hardenbergstraße 4-5, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Gordana M.: ★★★★☆ Loved the cheese sandwich, but at €5.20 overpriced

Schäfer's Berlin


Wallstraße 14, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Peter V.: ★☆☆☆☆ Me and my friend stopped here to get some cakes. We get one really unpleasant and rude guy to serve us. We spoke to him english and he answered us german, I asked and showed him what I want and he responded me in german in really rude and angry way. After all he said us something, we asked him ...

Kamps Backstube Berlin


Friedrichstraße 186, 10117 Berlin, Germany


Marché Natur-Bäckerei Berlin Tegel Berlin


Flughafen Berlin Tegel, Terminal C, 13405 Berlin, Germany


My Bakery Berlin


Wilmersdorfer Str. 41, 10627 Berlin, Germany

Hipster S.: ★★★★★ Lovely the lady who runs it is amazing

Endorphina Backkunst Gmbh Berlin


Elsenstraße 52, 12059 Berlin, Germany

Benjamin W.: ★★★★★ They have a market stall in boxy. The bread is fucking good. I buy every week. Life is too short for crap bread.

Weichardt-Brot Gmbh Berlin


Mehlitzstraße 7, 10715 Berlin, Germany

Foreign B.: ★★★☆☆ Average product, average service, limited selection!

Sironi - Il Pane Di Milano Berlin


Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Ozer Y.: ★★★★★ Best margherita pizza I have ever eat. Magnificent!!!

Tassenkuchen Berlin


Malplaquetstraße 33, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Erna K.: ★★★★★ Bio-veggie food, nice place to hang out

Back-Factory Checkpoint Charlie Berlin


Friedrichstraße 207/208, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Bonda G.: ★★★★☆ very nice for snacking

Kamps Backstube Berlin


An der Spandauer Brücke 10, Hackesches Quartier, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Mikhail M.: ★★★★★ Tasty coffee, nice street view with trams :)

Kaffee Bohne Berlin


Rubensstraße 120, 12157 Berlin, Germany


Back-Factory Berlin


Kurfürstendamm 165, 10707 Berlin, Germany

Maximilian R.: ★★★★☆ Fair prices, lots of space.

Ditsch Backwaren Brezelbäckerei Berlin


Dircksenstr. 2, 10179 Berlin, Germany


Konditorei Und Bäckerei Blauert Berlin


Konrad-Wolf-Straße 112, 13055 Berlin, Germany


Adam's Bakery & Waffely Berlin


Hauptstraße 115, 10827 Berlin, Germany


Bacco Berlin


Annenstraße 48, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Alex B.: ★★★★★ Good breakfast.

Thunderbird Bäckerei- Und Nahrungsmittelmaschinen Gmbh Berlin

Reichsstraße 5, 14052 Berlin, Germany


Bakery B. Lau Berlin


Pasteurstraße 32, 10407 Berlin, Germany


La Baguette Berlin

Raumerstraße 31, 10437 Berlin, Germany


Konditorei Umkalthum Berlin


Sonnenallee 50, 12045 Berlin, Germany

Mahmoud F.: ★★★★★

Backlounge Café Berlin


Greifswalder Str. 33, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Цветанка С.: ★★★★★ Great sandwiches

Hutzelmann Berlin


Wilmersdorfer Str. 19, 10585 Berlin, Germany


Ditsch Backwaren Brezelbäckerei Berlin


Am Ostbahnhof 5, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Nele L.: ★★★★★

Beumer & Lutum Berlin


Cuvrystraße 22, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Simon S.: ★★★★★ Always friendly staff. Tasty and healthy food.

Brezelbäckerei Ditsch Gmbh Berlin

Badstraße 4, 13357 Berlin, Germany


Brezelbäckerei Ditsch Berlin


Schönhauser Allee Arcaden, Schönhauser Allee 80, 10439 Berlin, Germany



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